OpenCorporates aims to do a straightforward (though big) thing: have a web page for every company in the world. OpenCorporates wants to make information about companies and the corporate world more accessible, more discoverable, and more usable, and thus give citizens, community groups, journalists, other companies, and society as a whole the ability to understand, monitor and regulate them.

Open Data is transforming the way academics source data for research. Previously data was shielded from researchers and locked away in data centers and commercial repositories. OpenCorporates is challenging this head on to create richer data sets by combining crowdsourced and publicly accessible data. We also show full provenance for every piece of data we have.

OpenCorporates has created special tools to help you search, stream, download and map findings for your research.


OpenCorporates is one of the world’s largest open databases. We have data on over 100 million companies around the world ranging from annual accounts to shareholders, financial licences and company directors. The information we have depends on whether the country publishes open data or not and whether they make it easy to extract it.

Where open data is becoming an established practice, such as in the UK and New Zealand, we have exceptionally rich company data which includes Shareholders, Directors and Filings. On the other hand, this information is not available for registers such as Bermuda, and some registers, such as Belize, make a selling point of not being online or open. Explore the website to find interesting patterns in data or trends, and use the filters to select companies with, for example, trademarks, subsidiary data or licensing data.

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