Leadership Directories, Inc. [LDI] is a B2B information services company which provides content and contact solutions for its customers in business, government, professional, and non-profit organizations. LDI’s has a database of profile and contact information available in a variety of formats, including online, print, on demand, as lists or data feeds, or as a custom solution. Content may also be accessed through distribution partnerships.

LDI publishes a portfolio of online products and print directories, utilizing a unique database of over 750,000 decision-makers in the public and private sectors at more than 150,000 parent and subsidiary organizations. Previously known as Monitor Publishing, LDI was founded in 1969 by Donald Petrie, Robert Townsend, and William McPike. It remains a privately held, family-owned company with offices in Washington DC and New York City.

1407 Broadway, Suite 318
New York, NY  10018
United States
1 (212) 627-4140

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