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If you:

  • spend too much time researching resources online
  • want to be sure you understand all of the options available to you
  • don’t want to miss the right source for your purpose

This online directory of Company Information Sources can help you find the right source faster and easier.  It can save you time and money.

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Not all databases are created equally.  

The information provided in a source can differ greatly.
There are so many company information sources available today.
It makes sense to evaluate sources carefully.


The value of the information increases as it approaches objective reality.  If it’s accurate it can be valuable. If it’s wrong it can be worthless or possibly harmful.

You need to ask –

  • Does the information reflect reality?
  • Is it based on a reasonable estimate?
  • What formulas are used?
  • How is the data gathered?
  • Can this source be trusted to be accurate?


The completeness of the database is related completely to your need. If you are looking for all of the mattress stores in the Phoenix area to produce a marketing campaign do you need the most complete database of companies in Phoenix or the best database of mattress stores? You can start with a broader database and then validate with a more detailed database. You have to ask yourself, is this database complete enough, will it serve my purpose, or is it a starting point for further research.


Different providers of company information use differing standards of data collection. Does the database you choose have the most current information possible?  You have to decide if you need up to the minute information or will last year’s information work for you.  You need to know if the data you’re using is current or if it is a year, maybe two, out of date.


We’ve made CoInfoSource as user friendly as we can. We strive to keep the site easy to look at, easy to use and most importantly, efficient. Why waste time combing through link after link of unimportant results or searching through multiple index pages, when you can jump on our site and get going!


Our product is designed to help you get to the source you need more quickly.  We’ve included a number of filters that allow you to slice and dice the sources in many ways. Some automatic filters have been designed like an alpha list of sources and an alpha list of publishers/providers.  Just point and click.

You can also search on several variables like geographic coverage, industry focus, type of report and the product description to get to the right source – right away.


Our database listings contain everything you need to know to accurately gauge if the result fits your needs. We also provide direct contact information for the product. We’ve also included editorial commentary…so you can quickly see how that source could be used in a research project.


When evaluating company information databases consider the scope of the research problem. Are you trying to retrieve a particular company profile or to discovery how many companies, large and small, are in a particular sector or geographic area? 

This is what we call the breadth of coverage.  Some sources cover narrow slices and some are more broad.

Consider if you are looking for:

  • A company in a particular industry
  • A recent merger
  • Company relationships
  • A list of companies
  • Detailed financial information
  • Product information
  • Competitors
  • All these different requirements may require different sources.


Some sources choose to concentrate on a particular aspect of company information but cover that aspect in great detail.  That detail is what we are call depth.  The report categories include:

Company Listing/Record

A listing refers to the very basic information available about a company.

Company Profile

The company profile implies slightly deeper coverage and covers the basic information about the company but will also provide more insightful information.

Company Report

The detailed company source is one that takes a deep look at the company and its operations.  They may include financial information, product and market information, analysis of operations, or other information like intellectual property or legal proceedings.

Aggregated Reports

Aggregated reports take information from many sources and integrate them to provide either more depth or breadth of company information.

Specialty Reports

Specialty reports can include company technology review, supply chain information, competitive profiles or swot analysis

The Process


Each profile is developed and edited by a human.  Hoovers Online and Corporate Affiliations use this method.

Automated Integration

Consolidated information from government resources or telephone listings or other authoritative sources.  Dun & Bradstreet or Bureau van Dijk reports are a good examples. 

Internet Procurement

These reports come from Information “scraped” from websites on the internet.  ZoomInfo uses this method.

Crowd Sourced

Reports generated from user submitted information.  LinkedIn might be considered one of these providers. 

Automated Aggregation

These are reports that are compiled from multiple documents and multiple sources but provide the customer with a collection of full text reports for review.  Alacra Book is a prime example of automated aggregation.